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Competency Mapping
This is Competency era and a significant shift towards Competency Based Organization has been observed. People and their competencies have become the most significant factors that give a competitive edge to any corporation. HR Professionals and Line Managers can contribute a great deal to develop competency-based organizations.
Any underlying characteristic required for performing a given task, activity or role successfully can be considered as competency. Competency may take the following forms :
Knowledge, Attitude, Skill, Other characteristics of an individual including, Motives, Values, Traits, Self Concept etc.

With changing business scenario and new challenges emerging in the competitive world, successful performance in any job/task has taken a critical place, for organizational success. Competency mapping is one such process that helps in identifying and mapping competencies required for successful performance in a particular role. Competency mapping and assessment has gained paramount importance in organizations, for keeping people development strategies and processes in sync with organizational growth & objectives and maximizing the utilization of human potential.
Creating competency based culture and systems in organizations are the need of the hour. This creates a demand for HR professionals to have specialized skills and have a continuous up-gradation of knowledge.
Competency-based performance management processes are becoming more prevalent in many organizations, but they are particularly appropriate for organizations where there are :
Uncertain environments, Qualitative/process service jobs, Self-managed teams, Developmental jobs, Changing organizations

We do competency mapping for our clients as a tool for various purpose which can be primarily for selection, career planning, performance appraisals, and succession planning.
  • Is your company's selection procedure competency based?
  • Does your company have a Competency oriented induction?
  • Are your training needs identified through Competency gaps?
  • Does your company have attrition problem due to mismatch of people with the roles they perform?
  • Does your company have a list of Competencies required for various roles in the organization?
  • Are the Core Competencies identified for your Organization?
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