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Executive Placements
Our executive recruitment offering is comprised of leading professionals from around the world who apply their market knowledge and insider’s perspective to clients, demonstrating an innate, intuitive understanding of their needs inside and out. It is an ability that can be gained only from practice and deep experience, and it allows Values N Voices to place executives with the ideal background, attitude and approach in the most timely and effective manner.

At Values N Voices, we have been recruiting CEO and board directors as responsibility we do not take lightly. Leadership, it’s been said, is the single most important contributing factor to an organization’s success. In today’s business environment, maintaining strong governance is no longer an option and identifying, recruiting and developing leaders is an ongoing challenge.

Expanding the talent pool for CEO and directors is imperative. Recruiting qualified individuals and training them to serve in this new environment requires insight, creativity and finesse. We meet this challenge with our CEO & Board Services practice. This is a dedicated team from the most senior ranks of the firm. Their work is with CEOs and in the board room, and their expertise is organizational leadership and governance. They conduct hundreds of director engagements every year, tapping talent from every corner of the globe. This work spans all ranges of organizational scale and purpose.

It is our ability to help plan senior leadership models, combined with tools that minimize many of the “unknown” factors in selecting individuals and our depth of resources, that results in the majority of our clients retaining us many times over for leadership engagements.

Should you be hiring the chief executive, filling public, private or non-profit board vacancies or building a board for a public company spin-off or emerging growth company about to go public, Values N Voices Solutions will deliver the best talent available.
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