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Finance & Accounts
Audit and accounting career has vast employment potential in India. As the services of accounting and audit are unavoidable for every business, this career promises a stable vocation to thousands of aspirants for all times. The career of chartered accountants is respectable vocation, free from all types of external interference and pressures. With the boom in business activities in India as well as the implementation of global standards, the need for professionals with high level of education and specialization has multiplied. Many international and Indian audit and accounting companies are functioning in India to meet the needs of increasing number of corporate and government clients.

The good news about the Finance and accounts sector is that - with the globalization and deregulation worldwide, its advantages and scope of opportunities is increasing day by day. Besides, with increasing competition, the sector provides more innovative products and services to employers, employees as well as the industry.

As a profession, finance and accounting holds its roots back to the early days of civilization. One of the oldest professions that have ever existed, the sector is hot today with job prospects expected to stay strong.