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Information Technology
Information Technology Jobs have helped generate a new breed of professionals who are passionately associated with the different aspects of communicating information generated through computers. IT & business services firms are making important strategic choices as they face competition from new players and demand from clients for distinctive and integrated solutions.
Outsourcing of IT infrastructure, software applications and business processes will continue to grow, involving both complex off-shore and near-shore delivery models.

Convergence has resulted in companies offering a broader range of advisory, development and management services. From global integrated providers to highly specialized boutiques, IT & business services firms require leaders with the organizational skills and strategy insight to respond to these competitive challenges.

Our consultants have significant experience in the industry and understand the impact these trends are having on IT & business services firms and their leadership teams. We bring to each search detailed knowledge of the industry's talent, far-reaching access to the most sought-after leaders and the specialized industry and functional expertise to advice clients on all of their senior-most leader needs.
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