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Power & Energy
Energy industry encompasses all the associated sub industries like petroleum industry, gas industry, electrical power industry, nuclear power industry, and Unconventional Energy industry.

Petroleum industry :- The major components of this industry are petroleum refiners, oil companies, fuel transport and selling at gas stations.

Gas industry :- This industry comprise of activities like coal gas manufacturing, natural gas extraction, distribution and sales.

Electrical power industry :- The associated activities of electrical power industry include electric power distribution, electricity generation, and sales. The other major two industry components are coal industry and nuclear power industry. Most of the leading countries are emphasizing on nuclear power energy sector, as it can be regarded as the future energy sources. Some alternative energy and sustainable energy sources comprise of wind energy sources and solar energy sources.

The petrochemical industry can be regarded as the most emerging energy businesses industry in the coming years and due to high earning probability, world's leading countries are showing their interest to invest in this petrochemical energy sector. Industrialists are trying to innovate ways to adapt fuels for power generation and they are searching for alternative energy resources like energy derived from agricultural food, crops, agricultural crop wastes and residues, and geothermal energy.
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