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Retailing sector in India, though a late entrant, is emerging as a major industry and is also poised to bring another boom in job market. Pantaloon did the primary efforts in the retail industry. The Pantaloon chain at present retains the status of the largest retailing outlet in India. With entry of Reliance Industries Limited and others to follow suit, the industry is all set to make its mega march in the economy.

It is estimated that the sector will emerge as the second largest industry in India within five years With retail sector to grow with its predictable potential in respect of quantity and stability, offers a respective boom in the employment market. It is estimated that by 2012 the sector will create about 13 million.

It is also auspicious to hear that about 60 per cent of these job vacancies will be in the rural India. The trend will help a lot to check migration of educated manpower from rural areas to the metro cities. As major companies that are already operating in the sector, including Future Group, Reliance Industries and Retail Solution Group are targeting to multiply its workforce to ten folds, there are about a dozen of world's renowned retail groups are preparing to take part the march
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