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Telecommunication industry is developing at a fast pace and is having major impact on engineering and management graduates to keep themselves updated for the ongoing career opportunities. A career in telecom demands high level of project management skills. The industry is always in search of Project Management Professionals at every functional level with right mix of skills. However, there is scope for Support Staff also who are not much qualified.

With the increased telecommunications, Telecom Jobs in India have also increased. Transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication, has taken the whole world by its grip. It has made the world come closer. The subject of telecommunication is necessarily technical and generally designed by telecommunication engineers. And now days we are also witnessing the convergence of the Aviation industry with the Telecommunications worldwide. Hence, there is great need for Telecom Jobs in India and abroad.

The major market of the telecommunication include wireless handsets (GSM, CDMA) wireless infrastructure equipments, wireline switches, access network equipments, electronic push button telephones, PBX systems, modems and VOIP phones, The wireless handset and wireless infrastructure equipment together hold a major share of telecommunication.

Our Technology and Telecom practice areas are trained to serve clients with the following core market sector :-
Telecom Equipment, Telecom Software, Telecom Project, Telecom Services
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